Nepsis® Celebrates 100 Episodes of Rebranded It’s All About Clarity® Podcast

MINNEAPOLIS – March 26th, 2024 — Nepsis, Inc. (“Nepsis®”), a national financial advisor and investment management firm, today celebrates the 100th episode of the It’s All About Clarity® podcast. Initially launched in 2017 as Invest with Clarity®, the podcast is hosted by Mark Pearson, Nepsis® founder and CEO.It is focused on providing investors with the insight needed to rise above the noise and media speculation, thereby freeing them from their Addiction to Prediction®. The impetus for the podcast arose from Pearson’s daily radio show Investing for Success, which aired on Minneapolis’ The biz |AM 1440 from February 2016 until December 2019. Pearson produced over 400 episodes, sharing an honest and forward-thinking perspective that challenged mainstream advice on money, investing and the economy. It’s All About Clarity® co-hosts Pearson and Nepsis® senior vice president of research, Chuck Etzweiler, provide impartial analyses of current industry trends, meticulously dissecting complex topics. In a new roundtable format, Pearson and Etzweiler will be joined by recently appointed president of Nepsis®, Matt Pearson, and Bryan Eberle, president at Nepsis® Tax Solutions.

Today’s episode, which marks the 100th, focuses on Nepsis’ reimagined Family Office Framework, incorporating multiple disciplines to provide the support clients need to achieve their goal. This milestone underscores Nepsis’ enduring commitment to delivering clarity to its clientele and devoted audience. The celebratory episode unveils a revamped title, reflecting the podcast’s transformative rebrand to better align with Nepsis’ core message. As part of this rebranding effort, the podcast will shift to a video format. The Nepsis team will also explore the impetus behind its recent acquisition of full-service accounting firm Sevenich, Butler, Gerlach & Brazil, Ltd.

“As we celebrate the 100th episode of our podcast, we are excited for the next evolution. It’s not just a title or format change, it’s a renewed commitment to our advisors and clients, reflecting what’s at the core of our services,” said Pearson. “Transitioning to a video format opens a new chapter, inviting our audience to further engage in the clarity we bring to every conversation.”

This transformation signifies a deliberate evolution, emphasizing a renewed focus on clear, insightful content, providing a more dynamic and immersive experience. Beyond enhancing content delivery, the visual component strengthens the connection between Pearson and his audience, establishing a multifaceted engagement platform for the 100th episode and beyond. This new format aims to provide an engaging viewing experience, allowing the audience to witness the energy Pearson brings to his work and showcasing his passion for leading with clarity. For more information on Nepsis®, visit

About Nepsis®

Nepsis, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an independent financial advisor and investment management firm founded by Mark Pearson. The team at Nepsis® is driven to provide the power of clarity™ to the individual investor so that they can accomplish their investment and planning goals. Mark Pearson, as the Founder and CEO, shares his experience through various channels, including co-hosting the “Invest with Clarity®” podcast, which challenges mainstream advice on money, investing,

and the economy. Additionally, the firm conducts retirement planning lectures in Minneapolis and nationwide. Pearson has contributed his insights to national media outlets such as U.S. News and World Report, Wealth Management magazine and Entrepreneur.

Advisory Services offered through Nepsis, Inc.; an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Learn more about Nepsis, Inc. and how to Invest with Clarity® at

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