Process Before Progress®

Success in investing, as in life, is the result of absolute clarity. Clarity requires commitment and commitment requires a process. Our process is here to help you on your Road to Nepsis®, your road to clarity.


In order to provide the level of Clarity our clients need and deserve, we believe our family office framework and integrated wealth management is the best way to provide our all-in-one solution. The team approach with our client’s financial picture allows our team in each area to make sure that all parts of the client’s situations are managed efficiently and effectively.

By viewing your wealth in its entirety and creating a custom comprehensive plan, we can coordinate the critical professional services and resources that are needed to effectively grow and preserve your family’s wealth. We believe that our ability to provide comprehensive guidance across your complete financial landscape gives you the freedom and strength to live with clarity.

Family Office Framework

We help our clients on the path of working to achieve their goals by staying true to our comprehensive and holistic approach. Our family office framework incorporates multiple disciplines to provide the support and communication our clients value in helping to achieve their goals.

Integrated Wealth Management

The Nepsis® team will work to analyze your entire financial roadmap giving you a fully integrated and holistic approach to growing and preserving your wealth to help reach your unique goals.

Nepsis® Family Office Framework

Your goals, our process. Everyone has a different destination in mind, requiring a different roadmap. Our Clarity Roadmap® solution keeps you moving in the right direction helping to reach your long-term goals.
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Taxes play a major role in your overall plan and we believe it is paramount to be proactive instead of reactive. Our team executes strategic tax planning solutions to allow you to maximize income, minimize taxes and take advantage of financial opportunities.

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To ensure your assets are carried on to the people and causes you care about most, we work closely with you to structure your plan and protect your assets properly.

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Through the utilization of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), your investments are tailored to you and you alone — designed and managed to help you reach your goals.
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Our dedicated team identifies the instruments and policies needed to provide protection and care for your family, legacy, and material assets.
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Our attorneys work with you to provide insights and solutions on critical strategies for Trusts, Estate, Wealth Preservation, Legacy Planning, Charitable Giving, and others.
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As unique as you are, our solutions are designed around you, your family, and your business. We help you turn the challenges you face into opportunities for growth and security.

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