The Power
of Clarity

Know what investments you own and why


When a word like Clarity becomes the rally cry of the day, one needs to take a pause and capture the true meaning of the word.

Because the word Clarity has become so ubiquitous in its usage, the effect of the word sometimes can be muted or flung carelessly like a bromide. At Nepsis®, the word Clarity is not only etched in our name, it is what we are all about. When one looks at the detail of its definition, one can see how weighty the subject of Clarity becomes. Because of that, we felt compelled to share to our story as it pertains to the power of Clarity and why it matters

A detailed definition of Clarity from several web-based sources looks like this:

The quality of being clear and in particular


The quality of
coherence and intelligibility


The quality of
being easy to see or hear


The quality of
being certain or definite


The quality of
transparency or purity

Sometimes when touching on a topic, it is more effective to describe what something is not first. Hence, based on the aforementioned definition, we could surmise that if one was placed in a scenario where Clarity was not present the following would occur.

A condition of ambiguity and in particular

Being incoherent or unintelligible

Being hard to see or hear

Being uncertain or indefinite

Being opaque or impure

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